Monday, April 25, 2016


As Jonas bikes further and further away form the community, the landscape starts changing. The roads are more makeshift, filled with ruts and stones. At one point, Jonas hits a stone and the bicycle turns over. Gabriel is fine, but Jonas has twisted an ankle. He keeps traviling and sees things he has never seen in real life before. I was not exspecting that becaus eit is big diffrence from chapter 21 to chapter 22. I thing in chapter 23 he  will thing that we normally in that he is seeng things(small thing)that we see today.

Monday, March 14, 2016


  • I Read 5 Reasons My Family Isn't Doing Screen-Free Week,
  • Her kids are around technology and she feelings it would not let her kids give it up,she also feel that technology all around and that it can make the world a better place.
  • I think she is wrong because I think kids need a brake from looking at a screen all day, I would do the Screen-free week if I could.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Best Grandpa Paper!

I called my grandpa at around 6:30 and my grandma answered,”hello” she said. I said, “hi Jou Jou can I please speak to papa. She said, “of course and yelled DICK!” I could hear him doing the dishes in the background. Then he came to the phone and asked me, ‘’Why did you call’’. I replied and said, “I am doing an interview for Mr. Coward's class and was wondering if I could interview you, would that be ok?
My grandpa looks like he's 60 but he is really  84 years old he lives in lompoc california and every morning he wakes up at 6:00 am and goes to mcdonald's to meet with his friends, and talks about politics. He has 4 kids My uncle Rod, my mom Christy, my aunt Sally and my favorite aunt Mary Kay.
My grandpa had a hard time hearing me on speaker phone so I had to take it off so he could actually hear me. So then I said, “papa let's get into the interview and he said ok give me the first Question.”


“Where are you” I said. He said, “on the couch with my legs up watching my favorite TV show PBS NewsHour.” Then I asked, “can you describe what it was like when you were younger and what you did with your  siblings?  “he said we had a radio it was like modern TV for us today." Back then we played cards a lot we  also played a lot of board games my favorite was Scrabble. We did not have a television.” Then I asked, “What was your least favorite thing to do with your siblings?” He replied with, “babysitting them, Because I had to deal with there attitude.” Then I asked, “what was your favorite thing to do as a kid and why did you like it? he replied with playing sports in the neighborhood because it was good exercise, and he thought he was good at it. He liked playing baseball and basketball in the park but there were no coaches. Then I asked, “what types of things did you wear when you were my age?” He said, “I wore corduroy pants, Levi's were also popular and my favorite shirt was a blue silk shirt that I wore to special school events.”
Then I got into the basics. Then I asked how old were you when you got married? he said he was 27 and that he got married to Arlene O’mara, and he added that he had four kids. Adding on to that question who's your first kid and what was the experience with him or her? “The experience with my mom Christy Humble was she was funny looking, she was very energetic, she looks like me, she was my second love of my life, and loved to change her nasty diapers. “Then I asked how old were you when your mom and dad died.?” He said, “when my mom died I was 72 and when my dad died I was 42.”
I asked him what was your first job and why did you like it? he said, “he was a paperboy.”, he liked it because his mom made him his favorite breakfast every morning and he was paid money. He did not like it because he had to wake up every morning at 5 a.m. to start his route. “Then I asked what was your favorite job and why did you like it?” He replied with, “I was a school counsellor. I liked it because you worked with different people, and everyone was different in  their own way.     
I really enjoyed interviewing my grandpa because I got to learn a lot of cool facts that I did not know, such as what he wore when he was my age, and what his first job was and why he liked it. His life seems less complicated because there was not as much technology that his parents could to take away. He played outside more than we usually do today. I feel that he was more free to roam around and be a kid. I know what to know my Papa even better!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


One bright and early morning, Ava the baker woke up on the ground with no blankets and no warmth she was so cold you could see her breath from a mile away. she headed over to the bakery which was called, Ava’s fantastic bakery. She walked into her kitchen  and started cooking a big meal for the grand feast tonight she was cooking goose pie and sturgeon fish with a side of bread  and ale. Her husband name is Alex and they both work at the bakery. Ava wanted to make the meal very fast because she needed to prepare it very quick because supper was in one hour. one hour later, supper was still not done and everyone was sitting there chanting food ,not even thinking about the slaves who were probably even more hungry than they were. The town is so lucky that the have a chef because if they did not they would be starved to death. 20 minutes later dinner was served and everyone was starving the did not even wait the dug in and there was one person with a ton of food and chased him down because he ran away, his name was derek he was the fattest person there. After everyone ate Ava went home and asked the farmer for some hay so she can actually have a bed, and the farmer said it is going to cost and ava said ok how much, the farmer said about 25 cents and he bould it out and said here. On her way home she saw a dog and it followed her around and she asked what do you want and sooner or later it became ava's best friend. But one day she woke up and her dog was missing, so she looked everywhere but she could not find her dog she told herself she was not going to work until she finds her dog. she never found it so she got fired from her job and had nothing she got thrown to the curb the only thing she had was her husband alex. Then around the corner came her dog. When she saw her dog she got so mad that.  Once she saw it she never wanted to see it again. I thought she felt very bad but she hated that dog she lost her job she lost a friend she lost everything because of that dog but she still loved it. after that she had to go to bed she's is not  waiting for her husband at all. once her husband got home he loves her he said. I hate you. I lost everything already I just don't  want to be with you anymore. We have been together forever I don't  want you to leave but I'm done with you you've been super mean to me I want somebody else I like the fat guy John. John is very nice he's so kind and he actually likes me before you got here Alex I liked him but he didn't like me and now he likes me but now I like him we've been dating. but I've been cheating on you  go away I don't like you anymore stop touching me Alex. she had nothing but that  stupid dog and John. John told her after she broke up with Alex that he didn't like her and Ava is left with nothing she doesn't  have a job her dog ran away and got run over by a car she didn't have Alex. She had nothing all she wanted was a normal life but she never got it . After all this happened the next day she woke up and she was at a hotel she has no idea what's going on. There was a wrestling match it wasn't like the modern wrestling wear you have padding on the floor. They were outside fighting punching kicking and  flipping  each other over and she was like oh my gosh this should be my new career. So she went outside and she said can I try and all the boys laughed at her and they were  like you want to try but you're just a girl and girls don't wrestle.  She said said so what went out there and tried and got so hurt because Guy with bending her bones like they were plastic you heard  crack, crack,  crack,  all her bones cracked and shattered she went to the doctor Knowing there was very terrible medical assistance. Here so then later they paid no attention to her and let her died in  super bad  pain.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Stay gold

       When Johnny tells Ponyboy to "stay gold" he is referring back to the poem that Ponyboy recited while they were in the old church in Windrixville. The poem, by Robert Frost, is called "Nothing Gold Can Stay". The basic idea of the poem is that life happens in fleeting moments. Good things do not stay long enough. That is what I think the quote stay gold means.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Falling in the Mall!!!

Falling in the mall!!!

Giggling and staring into each others eyes me and my cousin were strolling into the the thought of the new movie we were about too see, I missed my footing at the uneven step when walking the stairs. I flailed helplessly  the air Before slamming face first into the shiny white tile with a loud ‘thud’. I tried to get up immediately but, people were already laughing at me. My cousin then teased me and said to me, “ can you even walk properly?” I felt like burying my face in the ground. But then again i was with my cousin I don't see often  so i might as well enjoy my time. And have fun!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

crooked kind of perfect

         In the book she dose not want to be person who plays 

the perfectone 360 she wants too play the piano. Which her parents

 could not afford. Which she thought was sad because it was her 

 dream. To play the piano!